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He shot to fame in his debut movie, Ah Boys To Men, in 2012.
Since then, Joshua Tan has appeared on the big and small screen multiple times. Throughout his projects, the actor thought of them as learning experiences.
Tan, 26, recently completed filming for the documentary Challenge Tomorrow: Adapting To An Ageing Society, with Channel NewsAsia.
The documentary focuses on ageing and dementia in Singapore, and it allowed him — as the show’s host — to visit countries such as Japan, Australia and the United States.
In an interview with The New Paper on Sunday, Tan says: “This was definitely an interesting project. When I visited those places, seeing the elderly was meaningful.
“But the things I saw also made me realise that it’s what my parents, who are both 61, will go through in a few years’ time.”
He adds: “It got me thinking about how to take care of them, so I started planning ahead for them for things such as housing insurance.”
Tan also noted the ways the elderly are treated in the Western and Asian regions. He says there are differences, as Westerners place more emphasis on human interaction.
“I found the whole thing scary, as I can see how slowly people age, and the changes they go through,” he says.
“Even though it’s sad, it’s liberating at the same time. When people hit their 60s, they think of it as a second life, where they can re-pursue the dreams and passions that they didn’t chase when they were younger.
“Right now, I’m at the transition stage of moving onto being a full-blown adult, so I really grew from those experiences.”