Come meet this playful baby

The mother elephant trusted Mr Novendran S. so much that it allowed him to be around when it was giving birth.
The 43-year-old deputy head keeper, who has been looking after elephants for 24 years, said: “I am close to Sri Nandong, the calf ’s mother.
“Even when she was giving birth, she let me check on the baby. This shows how much she trusts me.”
The female calf is five months old. Its father, Chawang, is the biggest and most famous animal in the park and is known as the King of Night Safari.
Yesterday, the baby calf was officially named Neha, which means love in Hindi.

The name was chosen to reflect the love showered on it by both its elephant family and its human family.
Famous father aside, the little princess has already gained a following.
It has starred in two videos on Wildlife Reserves Singapore’s Facebook page that show it splashing in its signature rainbow tub, going for walks and eating.
The videos have made waves on social media and have been featured in international media outlets.
Mr Novendran highly recommends that participants of The New Paper Courts Big Walk visit this star attraction.