Four wheels good, two wheels cheaper

He wanted to provide people with an affordable, convenient and fun mode of transportation.
“The waiting time for bus plus travelling time (from home to office) is around 35 minutes, but it only takes around seven minutes with an e-scooter,” said Mr Ifrey Lai, 46, who uses his e-scooter to travel from his home in Upper Paya Lebar to his office in the Ubi industrial area.

The owner of Mobot, which manufactures and sells mobility devices, said: “E-scooters have become popular because they are more flexible (than owning a car).

“With e-scooters, there is no need to pay for certificate of entitlement or road taxes. It is so expensive to own a car whereas an e-scooter is more affordable and (there is) only a one-time payment.”

Mr Lai added: “These devices are an investment. All that an owner needs to do is to monitor the maintenance of brakes and tyre pressure.

“E-scooters can last for at least three to five years without extra payment.”