Pushing for more diabetes awareness

Health is never far from Fuad Al-Hakim’s mind.
This year, Fuad, 27, the winner of Manhunt Singapore 2015, has been busy focusing on boosting awareness for the Wolfxblack Fitness Instagram page.
He said: “I want the page to motivate and encourage people to be more focused towards achieving their goals. ”
Fuad, who is represented by Beam Artistes, said: “I took part in the Big Walk last year and I enjoyed meeting new people and families.
“I hope to see more people and more familiar faces this year, and every year too.”
He felt that Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s emphasis on health and diabetes during his National Day Rally speech this year was timely.
He said the connection to the National Steps Challenge was a good way to encourage families to do the Big Walk together and have healthy lifestyles too.