Putting her best sporting foot forward

Nothing will stop Amelia Han, 12, from living life to the fullest.
Not even being hit by a second health condition — scoliosis — last year. As a result, her left leg is 2cm shorter than her right. Amelia was also born with a congenital heart disease.

Madam Dawn Teo, 47, said her youngest daughter, is fit and ready for the National Steps Challenge The New Paper Big Walk 2017.
Amelia has been preparing for it for some time, only stopping for the PSLE.
Said Madam Teo: “She did yoga and went for swimming classes.
“We also walk round Bedok Reservoir as a family once a week, (covering) a distance of about 4km.”
She and her husband, Mr Harry Han, 49, have two other daughters.

Madam Teo added: “Amelia just has to keep well hydrated, wear well-fitting shoes with good ankle support and height aids to correct the imbalance between her legs (for the Big Walk).”
It will be the Primary 6 student’s second time doing the walk. Amelia first took part in the Big Walk 2014 when she was nine, with her parents and sisters.