Great chance ‘to swop stories’

He has played different roles in his career, as an entrepreneur, actor, performer and author.
Arthur Choo (right), 30, recently made an appearance on China’s variety show Birth Of A Star and in local television show Kids Channel.
Choo, who is managed by Ahundred Ants Productions, has forayed into both English-language and Chinese-language series.
He recently played an intern in a few episodes of the Channel 5 series Lion Mums 2 and a mechanic in the upcoming Channel 8 series, While We Are Young.
Choo is now looking forward to the launch of his book, Dare To Dream, next year.
He told The New Paper: “I wrote the book to share the story of my personal journey so that I can inspire the young to chase their dreams.”
He will be taking part in the National Steps Challenge The New Paper Big Walk 2017, his first Big Walk.
Choo said: “The Big Walk is a great expression of all of us walking together with a purpose. Its mission statement is to get all Singaporeans to come together and walk as one people.”
The link of the Big Walk with the National Steps Challenge was also important considering Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s National Day Rally speech on the prevalence of diabetes, he said.