Walk the walk

A family that does things together, stays together.
And Madam Mariam Taib’s family is a case in point.
Three generations of her family will be taking part in The New Paper Courts Big Walk.
The 55-year-old housewife will be participating in The Big Walk with her husband, two children and granddaughter.
Madam Mariam has two sons, Mr Nur Haizam Hatwi, 22, and Mr Nur Hidayat Hatwi, 27, and a daughter, Miss Nur Mashitah Hatwi, 14.
Another daughter died in a motorbike accident last year.
Since then, Madam Mariam and her family have been looking after her late daughter’s child, Maisarah Abdullah, a seven-year-old pupil.
Madam Mariam and her family have showered Maisarah with love and support, while Miss Nur Mashitah, a Secondary 3 student, has taken on the role of her mother.