Walking with company

Where do employees of Wong Fong Engineering go for their weekly cooking, zumba and gardening lessons? Their office, of course.

Formed this year, the company’s Committed to Health committee plans and organises outings and recreational activities for all employees.
Miss Tan Ai Huang, 37, assistant human re-source manager and adviser chairman of the committee, said: “We have many activities such as gardening classes, cooking.
“We also have some lunch talks that usual-ly revolve around topics like fengshui or insur-ance.”
There are also badminton and yoga sessions, all for employees from different departments to mingle and relax.
She said: “We want to promote a healthy work-life balance among the employees.
“This is because everyone always has their mobile phones with them and the line between work and play becomes blurred.
“We just want employees to be less stressed.” And now there is another avenue for them to mingle — The New Paper Courts Big Walk.
Miss Tan, who will not be attending the event due to work commitments, said the Big Walk is very much aligned with the objectives of the company’s committee.